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European Horizon
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European Horizon = THE BEST

06 Aug 2012 - 17 Aug 2012

Get ready for a very FAST 10 days, but if you want to save money & time, everything is worth it!! Recommend every optional excursion (I did them all) but my favs were:

Booze cruise in Amsterdam (best way to get know everyone right from the start) Beer Hall in Munich (go out in Colt Fabric,best nightlife)
Paragliding in Austria (breathtaking)
Gondola Ride in Venice (buy some sparkling wine & sit back & enjoy the beautiful architecture)
Farewell Dinner in Paris (now have a love for escargot - snails!)

I didn't expect to meet people from all over the world! Now love Australians & Canadians, and our tour guide, Angus, was so knowledgeable/THE BEST! :)

Review written Aug 2012

My Contiki was: Unforgettable, Drinking, Awesome-Sights

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