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European Horizon
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European Horizon September 2013

08 Sep 2013 - 19 Sep 2013

First of all, Contiki really just blew my mind. Our tour had 44 amazing people, all of whom, I will never forget. I went into this experience with no expectations and was actually a bit anxious about how it would all go. The tour proved that there was no reason for that! We visited 7 countries in 10 days (plus one day on each end for travel) and it was a whirlwind, that's for sure. We saw the sights, made awesome friends, and lucked out with a kickass tour manager (Richie!) and bus driver (Max!). We partied hard almost every night, but there were also people who weren't as into the party scene too - so if that wasn't your thing, it was not a big deal at all. The best part about the trip was that there were groups of friends that formed quickly, but if you wanted to join one or sit down at a meal with someone new, everyone was always so welcoming. There was not any drama and everyone got along great. In fact, now we have lots of places to go and visit (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, LA!) and see our new friends. The accommodations were not a surprise and my advice is to read about where you will be staying prior to taking this trip. We stayed in some hotels, some hostels, a campground and some "Contiki houses" specifically geared toward Contiki touring groups. On our tour, the nicest place we stayed was in Paris, France. The hotel was modern and had modern amenities useful to everyone that came through. However, the most fun were probably the Contiki houses because we had authentic meals prepared for us, the bars were always open if you wanted to take advantage of them and it gave the group (as well as other groups) great bonding time. My personal favorite city that we visited was probably Venice, but I wish we got more time to explore. If I had to change one thing about our trip, it would be that we would get more time in each place to really get to know the culture and surroundings. Given the nature of this particular tour, I understand why this option was not available. However, if (and when!) I do Contiki again, I will likely pick a tour where we will stay in one place for longer and really be able to enjoy everything the country has to offer. One last bit of advice, do as many optionals as you can afford! They are all worthwhile and amazing! Especially Jungfrau mountain, the Cabaret in Paris and the farewell dinner also in Paris. I wish that I did not do the walking tour in Venice (to me it was not worth the 90 mins it took to do when I could have been exploring on my own in the 4 hours we were allowed there!) but that would be the only one I didn't love to the fullest. I would recommend Contiki to everyone and hope my group in particular can all do another one together some day!!! Please message me if you have any questions or concerns, I'll be happy to answer anything! Good luck in your journey!!!

Review written Sep 2013

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