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European Panorama

European Panorama sept 2011

03 Sep 2011 - 02 Oct 2011

Booking this tour was the absolute BEST decision I have ever made!! Our tour manager and bus driver were awesome and made our experience one of the best. Less than a week into the tour, me fellow travellers became family and at the end it was just so hard to leave! I made life long friends, who I made everlasting memories with and got to see so much of Europe in short period of time. Sleepless nights, tons of partying, awesome people, seeing europe....there is just so much to travelling with contiki that you couldnt possibly understand until you have experienced it. TRUST ME, everyone needs to do this.period. So get on it people :) Miss you contiki chickens! lol long story. Oh and some of the hotels may be sketchy but some of them are over the top gorgeous, the shitty ones makes you appreciate the amazing ones that much better and are just another one of those experiences you'll have shared with the rest of the contiki crew. So take it with a grain of salt...and ignore those bad reviewers out there. Everyone has a good time on Contiki unless you are just miserable and choose not to.

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: FUN!!, enlightening, freakin awesome

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