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European Panorama
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Time of my life

08 Jun 2014 - 06 Jul 2014

I went on this trip solo and was so scared! However the first night I met people and I instantly knew we would be lifelong friends. I chose this trip because I wanted to see most of the attractions and countries all at once. The two places I was most excited for, Paris and Rome ended up be my least favourite places at the end! Don't get me wrong they are wonderful but contiki shows you how to have a good time and appreciate the culture in every country. I never thought I would fall in love with Austria and Amsterdam like I did. My tour manager was amazing! She made my trip amazing. Every country we visited she told us the history from the beginning until now. She told us everything you could possible know about all the countries we visited (12 in total). Absolutely amazing. She provided us with maps that she highlighted herself about interesting places to visit in that city including museums, historical monuments, cultural food and desserts. I feel like I got the full experience. The only downfall of the trip was the long bus rides every second day. I never knew that I would be spending so many hours on a bus, it wasn't bad it was just unexpected. Most of the hotels were great only a few were a bit sketchy but way better than staying in hostels. I chose this trip for the destinations and also no hostels. The me time optionals were fantastic. I did 95% of them and only was disappointed once. Another thing that surprised me was the amount of money I was spending everyday. Food, souvenirs, entrance fees into museums and churches, night clubs, alcohol, shopping and paying for wifi because it's not free at every hotel all adds up. I spent double what I planned on spending, so save more money because you don't want to miss out on something because you don't have the cash! Make it count! No regrets.

Review written Jul 2014

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