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European Vista
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28 May 2011 - 17 Jun 2011

Amazing. Completely above and beyond my expectations. I was traveling with my girlfriend on this tour and we both had the time of our lives. Some of the best points about the tour;
- Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with. of the 46 or so people on our bus there isn't one who i wouldn't call a friend.
- Our tour manager, Angela, knew so much about all the places we visited and was really keen to share all this knowledge with us! I learnt and saw things i never expected too.
- Perfect balance of partying vs experiencing the culture and sight seeing. We were a bit worried about this when booking because we didn't want to spend thousands on travelling and be too hung over to experience anything. Turned out perfect - still went out partying most nights but never suffered too much during the days!
- The tour itself was excellent. all the countries were amazing and the route was well designed. Ending in amsterdam was great.
- All but one hotel were excellent. much better than i had expected! I had also expected bread and water for breakfast but most day there is a buffet of cold meat, cereal, toast, croissants, muesli, yoghourt, fresh fruit as well as hot sausages, eggs, bacon, etc. I ate more than i ever would at home so don't be worried about that.
- Be prepared to fork out an extra 6-700 Euro for optional activities. There are a lot and most are worth doing if you skip on anything you will probably be among the minority who are left by themselves - Always go to optional dinners, especially the Tuscan Evening in Firenze. In saying that, a guide of $100 Euro per day will more than likely cover optionals and spending money for most people (with some left over).
- group dinners are excellent value for money as they generally feed you till your stuffed and fill you with wine (be prepared to drink a lot of wine).

Some things about the tour which you should probably know(note: these are not negative points but just things we didn't know prior to the tour);
- walk walk walk, drive drive drive. you will spend an incredible amount of time walking around the cities you visit. in fact I wouldn't be surprised if we walked in excess of 10-20kms per day - it's all worth it though. if your not walking there is a good chance you will be sitting in the bus. On average you will be on the bus every second day for 6-7 hours. It sounds bad but it's not really. If your tour manager says you will be driving for 4 hours, expect to arrive in 6:). I bought a 160gb ipod before leaving and filled it with tv shows, movies, standup and music and didn't touch it once on tour!
- although the bus is not terrible, if your a light sleeper you will not get any sleep on the bus.
- It will hurt when it's all over. We slept for two days and took two courses of antibiotics before moving on. I wouldn't do any less than 21 days though. It was very sad when we rolled back into London.

- The whole experience is non stop. from sunrise to sun set you will be going going going... be prepared and just roll with it.

Review written Sep 2011

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