European Vista (Winter)

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European Vista (Winter)
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Great experience

13 Dec 2012 - 04 Jan 2013

This trip was amazing.
2 days in each country gave me a time to shop, try the food and take in the feel of each city. The included excursions gave us the opportunity to do things were normally wouldn't have done.
Contiki also a did a great job of showing us what we could do in each city. There was something for everybody.
I would suggest doing some meal excursions but also skip some and explore the city and get food on your own. It is great to find a restaurant and try something new. Accommodations where good and bad and some hotels were nicer than others.
For this trip I was there Christmas and New Years. Contiki did a great job to make the most of the holidays. We did a secret santa, and celebrated new years with a pub crawl.
3 weeks with the group also allowed you to get to know everybody. This is a great trip. I would recommend 2 days in each city and not 1.

Review written Jan 2013

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