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European Whirl
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12 Jul 2011 - 31 Jul 2011

I had the most amazing time! Though, I was not expecting the trip to be as party centered as it was. I'm not complaining about that, but in the US it's not marketed or known for being a party trip, so I wasn't prepared for that. My tour guide, Miriam was absolutely fantastic! She gave us all kinds of history about each city on our way there, then when we got there we got maps that had highlights of the most popular or best places to go see and do stuff at. She also was really helpful when I ended up needing a new camera while on the trip. Overall i think my favorite part of the trip was learning about other cultures. Not only the places we visited but of the people on the trip. My tour was mostly Australians with 8 Americans, 2 South Koreans, 1 Canadian and 5 South Africans. Learning about their cultures and spending time with them are the memories that will last forever. My only regret on the trip was having to come back home.

Review written Aug 2011

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