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Great Britain & Ireland
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Great Britain & Ireland June 2011

10 Jun 2011 - 25 Jun 2011

I can honestly say that I had the best time of my life on this tour.

It wasn't just the amazing sights I saw, it wasn't the experiences that I will never forget. It was mostly about being in another part of the world and experiencing these unforgettable moments with people that appreciated them as much as I did.

I was a first time solo traveller and extremely excited about jet setting off on my first overseas experience. The first day on tour I met up with two girls that had befriended on the Contiki website. I was nervous about meeting the rest of the group, expecting the other travellers to all know each other. To my surprise, about 90% were travelling solo. I could see that most of the other travellers were as nervous as I was, so after the initial meeting we all hit The London Pub to get to know each other before the tour started, by the way, great location for the Pub.

Throughout the entire trip our tour manager and bus driver, in this instance Patrick and Dan, were just amazing. They would come out with us when they could and were always there just for a chat. Being an Aussie myself and having two Aussie blokes around to just talk about home or kick a footy around was great (an AFL footy, in case your wondering).

The amount we saw on this trip even astounded me. For what I paid and the time that we were on tour, the amount that we saw almost defied the laws of physics. From walking around Stonehenge to kissing the Blarney Stone, eating haggis (which is actually quite nice) and cursing around the Aran Islands, everything that I saw and experiences was seared into my mind. Though it was fast paced, it made it possible to fit so much in.

The accommodation was above what I expected for a budget tour, I was very impressed with the rooms and even more so because they were in Hotels. The food was also above what I expected, the breakfasts were always hot and filling, a great way cure any hangover. The dinners provided were all very good.

The extra dinners and activities were definitely worth the money. I was lucky enough to do every optional activity and I would recommend it to everyone. The experiences are worth so much more then a tacky souvenir.

I cant actually say that I had a favourite moment, I would feel like I was cheating on all my other moments if I chose one. Their was nothing I didn't love about my time on tour. I would recommend Contiki to anyone who wants to experience the world and have an amazing time doing it. If you do choose Contiki you will never ever regret it. You will take away moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Review written Apr 2012

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