Great Britain & Ireland

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Great Britain & Ireland

A great trip through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

01 Jun 2012 - 16 Jun 2012

I decided to take this tour as a starting point to see where I wanted to go back to in the UK (as I am now living in England for a couple of years). It was a great snapshot of the UK - we went to the best cities and I think the time spent in each was perfect. I loved everywhere we went but Dublin was the best - Wolverhampton was the best for cheap drinks (1 pound vouchers!) and the Aran Islands were just gorgeous - its an optional to go there for the day but its worth it, it did rain a little but we had a great time exploring and the day ended with lots of sunshine. Our tour manager, Glenn, and driver Nick, were fantastic - Glenn knew lots of history and interesting facts about everywhere we went and Nick was a great driver - I never felt sick once considering all of the small and winding roads in the UK. I tried (someone else's) haggis in Scotland - it was a weird experience! And all of the other food we had was pretty good - there was always a hot/cooked breakfast (which was great after a hangover!) and lunch was easy to find. I met some great people from all over the world and still keep in touch with them. There were only 2 faults with the tour - the first being I would of loved a stay in Wales - we only drove through from the port in Holyhead and I would of loved the tour to be longer! At least 3 weeks to see more places, hang out with my new friends and party!. Do it if you can!.

Review written Oct 2012

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