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Italian Espresso
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Life Changing.

27 Apr 2012 - 05 May 2012

I was stressed at work, school, basically with life and I have been wanting to go to Europe for quite some time. I remember like it was yesterday, I asked my boss for the time off and as soon as it was approved, I charged a large sum of money on my credit card to Contiki in Italy! I had a friend, who had a friend that went on a Contiki and loved it, since I was traveling solo, I booked it without hesitation! I booked this trip about 2 months before departure so it was extremely spur of the moment. I am more than happy I did. I landed in Rome, took a transfer to our hotel (Hotel Noto Rome) where there stood a bunch of others around the lobby with their Contiki travel papers. We got our rooms and they were perfect. My room-mate was awesome and we hit it off before even opening the door to our hotel room! Everyone on the tour was beyond amazing. Our tour guide (Yannick) was amazing and had a bunch of hook-ups throughout Italy. I purchased every single optional and loved them all. The whole experience was incredibly mind blowing I never wanted it to end! I came on this trip solo and met a bunch of amazing new friends all across the world! (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UK) The group was so diverse and everyone got along so well! I wish I could find something that I did not like about this trip but there is honestly not one part of the trip I hated other than it ending! If you guys are into the nightlife, each hotel has wonderful nightlife surrounding it, in Florence the hotel we stayed in was literally in the HEART of the city! Outside of the hotel door and you were submerged in the streets of firenze! (My favorite city in Italy!!) The hotel in Venice has little to nothing around it, as you need a water taxi to even get to Venice, but because of that fact we had a dress-down night at the hotels bar and drank wine while we exchanged contact info. I have just booked my 2nd Contiki and am more than excited to see what new adventures Asia will bring me! I still talk to all of my fellow contikiers on the same trip as me and we keep in touch til this day!

Contiki! Follow the guide!

Good: Everything really! If you come into the trip with an open mindset and willing to emerge in a new culture all around you, you will also have the experience of a lifetime!

Bad: Not really bad, but a lot of us wished the Venice hotel was in a more "prime" location. But we made the best of it and still had an amazing time.

Review written Feb 2013

My Contiki was: amazing, incredible, unforgettable

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