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Italian Espresso
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Great Honeymoon!

22 Jul 2011 - 30 Jul 2011

We went to Italy with Contiki for our honeymoon. Honestly, when we booked it, the biggest draw was that it included activities. We were so swamped with wedding details, the last thing we had time for was to research and plan a trip to Italy. My husband and I were very pleasantly surprised.
The group was so much fun, we made friends from all over the world. We saw so many places and went to so many activities that if we would have planned it ourselves, I am sure we would've overlooked. It was really nice also that there was a balance of free time to do as you pleased, very important to us on our honeymoon! We were able to have romantic dinners in Italy or just go with the group and see really amazing sites. The group of people we met really astounded us. We met people we really clicked with, even though we were from completely different parts of the world. Our tour guide Belatrice was from Italy and was there to brave the aggressive vendors and such that would have been really annoying if we had gone alone. She was really great at getting us any information we needed or directions. She even hooked us up with a honeymoon suite at one of the hotels!
The additional events that you could add almost always seemed to be worth it, depending on what you were in the mood for. For about 10 Eur you could have dinner and entertainment with the group. We never regretted going to any of the dinners.
Overall, we had a great trip. We would definitely do it again.

Review written Sep 2011

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