Italian Espresso

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Italian Espresso
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Nice tour but not quite my cup of tea

01 Jul 2013 - 08 Jul 2013

The Italian espresso tour was lovely and we had a nice group, met some great people. Was a little disappointed in the standard of accommodation and felt that the itinerary breakdown of the tour sugar coated a lot of what we did. Did not find the included dinners to be of a decent standard and the optional dinners were very poor considering that after contiki my friend and I travelled Italy more extensively and often had 3 course meals with wine etc. and it cost less than what the optional "special" dinners did. Also there are lots of costs that don't get mentioned or the impression is created that something is included in our backstage pass when actually u see the thing from a distance. Also was quite disappointed in the level of professionalism regarding tipping, I found it very unnecessary and unprofessional that we got reminded not once, twice but three times about tipping. I felt that one explanation is sufficient seeing as the tipping is optional and in all fairness the average person doing contiki with the odd exception is not loaded with cash. Other than these let downs, contiki is a good brand especially if u in a country for the first time but is definitely most beneficial to sociable young people.

Review written Jul 2013

My Contiki was: Action packed , Social

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