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London & Paris
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So much fun!

29 Oct 2011 - 04 Nov 2011

A short but amazing tour! Met some of the greatest people who I am still in touch with. I would recommend getting to London 3 or so days early to see everything and catch up on sleep, so you avoid falling asleep during the musical as I did! It is such an amazing city and so easy to get around, but there is so many things to see and Contiki really does not show you that much.
The trip to Bath and Stonehenge was amazing, such gorgeous parts of England. Highlight was when one of the American's spotted sheep in a nearby paddock and said "Oh my god, wild sheep!". The trip between London and Paris was not the best so I wouldn't recommend a big night before this. Paris was gorgeous, but the hotel is really far out of town and the metro is not as easy to use as the tube in London, so travel in groups.
Contiki really covered most of the things to do in Paris and the Eiffel tower at night was amazing! The Moulin Rouge is a MUST DO, even if you have to sell your body for the money to do it! It is still remembered as the greatest night of my life to date. Many many predrinks at the Aussie pub beforehand and when we returned after the show, our tour manager bought Jagerbombs for everyone! Then the bartenders lit the bar on fire! Absolutely amazing, but for us this wasn't the last night of our tour.
There was still a trip to Versailles which was great but we were all so hung over it was a struggle. There were no activities for our final night together so our tour manager, JB, organised an dinner for us in the hills of Montemarte. Most tours don't do this but would definitely suggest going up here and checking out the Sacre Coeur. The restaurant was gorgeous and they played music, some people ate snails and we toasted the amazing time we had.
Would highly recommend this tour as part of your trip to Europe, a great introduction to these beautiful cities.

Review written Feb 2013

My Contiki was: Amazing, Surreal, Beautiful

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