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London & Paris plus Rome
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Still jet lagged

25 Feb 2012 - 05 Mar 2012

Great Trip! Tour guide Petula was awesome and always so upbeat.
Got back from this trip a week and a half ago.
I'm not one for musicals but I loved the West End show we went to see, Chicago, at Garrick Theatre!
Good trip but felt extremely rushed in Paris. Better time management was needed in Paris or we'd be left in the lurch to find our own way back from the city to the hotel as the bus driver (seriously grumpy man) wouldn't even wait 1 min to see if anyone else was on their way.
Love the Group Photo @ the Eiffel Tower, well worth the extra Euros.
Moulin Rouge was great, once in a life time experience.
My documents from Contiki all said we'd be taking an overnight train from Paris-through Switzerland-to Rome but we ended up flying to Rome.
Had a great time in Rome and was more relaxed as we didn't have a tour guide rushing us but the woman that was supposed to meet us at the hotel didn't want anything to do with us and couldn't wait to leave!
Other than that, the weather was great, the buildings were beautifully painted, gelato was yum, Trevi Fountain was beautiful, making our way to the Colosseum was so much fun!

Review written Mar 2012

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