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London & Paris plus Rome
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Amazing Adventure!

14 Jul 2012 - 23 Jul 2012

I have recently returned to Australia from the 10 day London, Paris plus Rome tour and I have nothing but positive feedback! The tour was fantastic - we got to see so many sights in a short period of time. We also had 3 nights in each of the cities so we didn't feel too rushed and we had plenty of free time in each city to explore by ourselves. It was really great to have the last 3 days in Rome unescorted - it meant that we could relax and explore the city at our own pace.

We had a fantastic tour manager (Thanks, Alex!) and it really made a big difference. I would definitely recommend getting involved in all of the optional activities - the day-trip to Stonehenge and Bath and the night at the Moulin Rouge in particular! I would also recommend arriving in London a few days early if you are able to - I did and was able to see a lot of extra sights and recover from the jet lag before the tour started.

Overall I was super impressed by this tour. It was my first time in Europe and my first Contiki tour and I have to say that it was even better than I expected it would be. Being a part of the tour meant that we skipped the lines at places such as Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower and we had an incredible guide who filled us in on the history of all the places we saw and visited. Ideally, it would have been great to have more time in each of the cities (because there is just so much to see!) but we were able to fit a lot into the time we had. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone travelling to these cities for the first time - I can't wait to start planning my next trip!

Review written Jul 2012

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