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London & Paris plus Rome
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17 Aug 2012 - 27 Aug 2012

I went on this tour in August 2012. It was the best time ever, made tons of friends and I am still sorting through pictures.

You have to know that if you can, book more time before and after in the cities you are visiting. There is not enough time to see everything. But this is a great tour to get to see and experience the basics and then you can plan where and when to come back.

I booked the London Explorer before, so I ended up with 5 days in London, which was great and gave me plenty of time to do a lot. Paris was the only disapointment, as if you do the optionals (which are so worth it, Moulin Rouge and the Bike Tour which was THE favoritest moment on the tour) you are running a bit short on time, especially with the included Palace de Versailles visit.

I picked the + Rome option, so I feel like I did not have enough time in Paris, but for a first time, I did get to see a lot. I also booked an extra night in Rome, which allowed me to get off the touristy path and take a morning off to a beach outside the city. Totally worth it!!!

Contikis are fast paced but well organized and you do experience travelling in a completely different way, but its so worth it. Yes, the hotels aren't always the best and the included food sometimes is just ordinary, but those are just minor details in exchange for all the breathtaking moments Contiki will give you a chance to experience!!!

Review written Sep 2012

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