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London to Athens
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London To Athens

09 May 2012 - 31 May 2012


I have just had the most life altering 23 days of my life!
If you are thinking about this tour do-it!

Take an extra few days and go to London early, get a subway day pass and tour london for 8 Euros or less. Visit The Tower of London it is worth every pennie!

First off - Load up on Vitamins, You are going to get sick on tour, the "Contiki Cough" will find you. You party all night every night and get up early to tour a city.
Bring a travel pillow, gravol, and vitamins. You will need those to counter balance the lack of sleep and nutrition you will get on tour.

Coach Life- These tours are well planed, after a massive night out you recouperate on the coach the following day. This is so you aren't hungover while viewing immaculate cities such as Paris. On board is a bathroom and outlets for electronics (you will need your adapters/converters). Long days are spent on the bus so I recommend comfy clothes and layers.

Paris- The is breathtaking! The Cabaret is worth the 77 Euro, out of all the optionals this is by far a MUST DO! It is fun, entertaining and there is something for everyone at the show. You also have Champaigne included in your fare. After which you go out to O'Sullivans. This is one of THE BEST nights out, go out! Get "Sullied" and buy a flaming Jagerbomb, not a Jagerbomb fan? Neither am I but these are awesome and you must do at least one! Purchase a Muesum pass and gain entrance to many locations in Paris.

Contiki Chateau- The perfect amount of time to unwind and enjoy some wonderful French Wines. The Picnic is so much fun same with the party held in The Cave at the Chateau.

Barcelona- Unfortunatly Barcelona was not my favorite, we also had terrible weather so perhaps my opinion is spoiled. Great night out, beautiful veiws. Not the best food on site.

Antibes- While we were there the Cannes Film Festival was there so I opted out of Nice and the French Perfumere and went there instead. Celebrities were spotted. Monaco is spectacular, budget for this Casino! It is extremely expensive but at the very least go get a drink and play a table at this immaculate casino. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous and enjoy all the exotic cars and views.

Italy- Florence is a really great time - DO THE GROUP PHOTO!! Red Garter is the nightclub that you go to here, it is extremely fun and the campsite you stay at is the best on tour. Venice is gorgeous, unfortunatly we had pouring rain. I opted out of the walking tour and wandered around on my own in the city with friends and had a really great time. Prepare yourself for the accomodation and the smell of Venice in general. Beautiful City, the water just smells very badly. Pisa - Very cool to see the tower, is worth to go up if you wish. Rome- Breathtaking, I only wish we had more time in Rome. Public transit is very easy to navigate in Rome and it is easy to get back to the campsite. There is a pool and wifi here. I love Roma party is also a highlight and is held on site so no need to cab home.

Corfu- BEAUTIFUL! Georges boat is a must do! Great to spend a day relaxing on a boating drinking with your new found Contiki Family. Rent a ATV and see the island, definatly worth travelling to the gorgeous beachs.

Athens- Because of the economic downturn in Greece brace yourself for Athens. Even though the city has beautiful arcetecture it is not the cleanest, safest place to be. As long as you are aware of this you should enjoy Athens for the time you are there.

Take the extra time and visit the Greek Islands!! A ferry to Ios costs 54 Euros, it is a 5 hour ferry. Stay at Francescos Hostel, the most magnificant veiw, clean and very affordable. will provide you with insight needed. Club hopping is BIG in Ios, Slammers and Flames are the best bars but they are all very fun. P.s they party til 8 am in Ios so prepare yourself for a wild time.

Wifi- There is wifi at basically every location, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Contiki Chateau are free of charge. Everywhere else you have to pay. Find a Starbucks or McDonalds in the cities without and use the wifi there to contact family and friends til you reach one of the free locations.

Feel free to comment and ask as many questions as desired, I had a spectular time, i met alot of wonderful people. Some of them I will be friends with for a life time. The memories created are those you will cherish.

Review written Jun 2012

My Contiki was: Breathtaking, Life Changing, Best time of my life

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