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London to Athens
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Good for first time travelers, Australia in europe

07 Jul 2013 - 27 Jul 2013

Contiki is good for people who have not traveled and want to be around Australians the whole trip. If you want to experience the real culture and meet other travelers not just from Australia i would suggest traveling with a different tour company or better yet organizing your trip your self. Most of the time on this trip except for Barcelona you will stay in camp site cabins way out of town and if you get sick of contikis parties which is full of Australians you will usually have to pay 50 to 80 euros for a cab into the city.

Most if not all the optional dinners are crap and over priced usually around 30 euro (45AUD) and you will be provided with a basic 3 course meal and a bottle of cheap house wine which is shared between 4 people.

The accommodation was basic but bearable except in one instance where i found a USED CONDOM tied to the wardrobe handle in my room. Also at night be careful around the first hotel in Paris and the last hotel in Athens. These are both in the ghetto and there seemed to be a lot of lowlifes and junkies walking around.

A good thing about this tour is i got to see a lot of the sights and my tour manager was very knowledgeable on every city that we went to.
My tour manager often took us to restaurants, shops and bars that seemed to be more expensive than other places in that city or town and they usually already knew we were coming. This made me think that he or contiki were getting a commission for taking us there.

I did have alot of fun on this tour and met alot of great people but if i had the choice to do contiki or make my own way around europe i would defiantly choose to do it my self.

Review written Aug 2013

My Contiki was: Alright , overpriced , sightseeing

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