Aegean Classic (incl. 4 days cruising)

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Aegean Classic (incl. 4 days cruising) » Review by Samiah

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Aegean Classic (incl. 4 days cruising)
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Aegean Classic

17 Aug 2013 - 23 Aug 2013

The tour manager Caroline was great in showing us around the islands and what tours to do. I was not too happy about being able to spend only about 4 hours in places, I wanted a lot more time on the islands. I was surprised that the cruise ship was a massive cruise ship that included families and elderly people. I chose to do Contiki because I wanted to be with my age group (18-35s), and not children and pushy old people. Based on a previous cruising trip with Contiki in Croatia, we had a boat just for Contiki that was awesome, and that was what I was expecting for this trip. Also, don't bother paying the higher price for an outer cabin, it's not what it sounds like, an outer cabin means a tiny little window and the only time you're in your cabin is when you're sleeping. The food on the ship was not great, the service on the cruise ship was slow and annoying. If you're into partying, the partying is clubbing on the cruise ship at night with children dancing around you, FYI. The tours that I did as optionals were good, and I'm glad I saw what I did, keep in mind, the optionals are expensive. I recommed doing your research about cost to do the tours on your own. If you're looking for a means to do the Greek Islands, look for another tour, I would not recommend this one, but I would do a Contiki again, just not this tour.

Review written Aug 2013

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