Aegean Classic (incl. 4 days cruising)

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Aegean Classic (incl. 4 days cruising)
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My contiki companions made this the trip of a lifetime

06 Jul 2014 - 11 Jul 2014

I am literally taking a moment out my extended Europe adventure to have a coffee at a Swiss cafe' and write this review. Not only did this trip introduce me to some of the most adventurous, genuine and fun loving people I have ever met, but it also subjected me to the least enthusiastic tour operator imaginable, the most tediously generic optional activities and a level of organisational service that left each and every one of us wondering... On what exactly was contiki spending all of our money? I can sum it up like this:
1: I paid (top dollar) for a 6 day contiki adventure, and received a 4 day Louis cruise through Greece, which if booked directly, would have cost myself and my partner less than half of what we paid.
2: The ship, on average, spent less than 4 hours in each port, which allowed for little more than tacky souvenir shopping or...
3: 55 euro bus transfers (Tours), which (if purchased directly whilst at port) cost little more than 10 euro a pop.
4: The tour guides tried their best, and were decent, but certainly not worth the top dollar we paid.

All in all our tour operator was absent 90% of the time, and distracted/ uninterested for the other 10%, which actually proved to be a blessing as the group had more fun exploring, haggling and dancing at our own pace anyway.

After some research, it was clear that contiki, at least in my experience, acted as little more than a (Grossly overpriced) social introduction service, but honestly, there is no metric scale for the magnitude of fun we managed to have all on our own.

Review written Jul 2014

My Contiki was: The greatest group, Worst guide and no local insight, Spectacular destinations

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