Golden Fleece (incl. 7 days cruising - until Feb 2017) 2016

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9 days

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Golden Fleece (incl. 7 days cruising - until Feb 2017) 2016
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Incorrect Advertising

18 Aug 2011 - 26 Aug 2011

My tour was well organised, I loved my tour leader and everyone I travelled with, but this tour is incorrectly advertised.

It mentions 'visit the historic city of Heraklion' so I assumed it was the port of call for our ship in Crete. None of the optional tours mention visiting Heraklion at all so it was the natural assumption on my part. Not the case. We ended up docking at a tiny town, far away from everything with nothing to do - and only for three hours.

I was extremely excited to go to Crete as I wanted to visit Knossos. As the site is only a few kilometres from Heraklein I did a lot of study, emailed the office and found out that we were only going to be in Crete for 3 hours so I planned out exactly what I was going to do due to the limited time. But when I arrived in Athens I was told we were docking St Nicholas. St Nicholas is a nothing town with just a cruise dock and a beach. It is not at all the stop anyone would've expected for the largest Greek island. Our tour leader also explained that even if I decided to go on the overpriced tour of Knossos I would have virtually no time there - I think we were told under 2 hours at the actual site, and no time at the museum (where all the artefacts from the site are housed).

If you have already picked this tour, some quick advice: do not choose the Istanbul tour. Due to the cost I didn't do the tour, and ended up following the same itinerary with some other people - it was extremely easy! The sites are all along the tram line that runs next to the port, which is cheap and clean. Also, the three sites visited on the second day are all walking distance.
After the tour everyone I spoke to didn't feel it was worth the money at all, and, as usual, you have limited time at the site so they can drag you into some shop.

The cruise ship decides on the itinerary, etc, but I feel Contiki could do a lot better than choosing that specific Louis Cruises line.

I would never have picked this tour if I had all the information regarding Crete - so I wasted a considerable amount of money on this tour as I now have to return to Crete in the next few months which is quite difficult in the winter months.

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Overpriced, Misleading, Crete

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