Egypt & The Nile (Winter 2013/14)

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You will visit: Egypt, including Cairo, Aswan, Edfu, Luxor & Hurghada

Travel back in time to the days of the Pharoahs with this action packed trek around Egypt. You'll be guided through the craziness of Cairo with an expert Egyptian Tour Manager, who'll be at your side for the entire tour. See the Great Pyramids & Sphinx in Giza & Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Sail on a traditional Felucca & enjoy shopping in the bazaar! No sitting on a coach for 8 days either - admire the scenery from the deck of your luxury cruise ship as you sail along the Nile. Step back in time & enjoy!

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1 Depart for Egypt

Jet off to the trip of a lifetime awaiting you in Egypt!

2 Arrive Cairo

Check-in to your hotel and head out into Egypt’s bustling capital for a taste of what’s ahead. This evening, meet up with your Tour Manager and fellow travellers at the hotel.


3 Cairo to Aswan

Chaotic Cairo keeps a mass of experiences coming at you thick and fast. Leap from one time to another in this intense jumble of ancient and new.

Uncover the Pharaohs’ glory with your Local Guide in the Egyptian Museum’s amazing collection that includes Tutankhamen’s treasure. Get up close to royal mummies and jewels that were raided from their tombs.

Next stop: the iconic Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. They are the only survivors of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Our Local Guide will crack open the 4600 year old history of these massive monuments, that 20 000-30 000 workers took over 80 years to build.

Tonight, go local and board the train for Aswan.

Overnight Train Breakfast,Dinner

  • From pharaohs to mummies - locally guided tours of the Egyptian Museum & the Pyramids of Giza
  • Group Photo
    US $11.00
4 Nile Cruise - Aswan

Pull into Egypt’s ancient frontier town of the south, Aswan. Relax into its laid-back African atmosphere, explore the colourful markets or walk along the Nile.

Aswan gives us a look into Egyptian engineering, both ancient and modern. Opt to see Aswan and the Unfinished Obelisk (stone pillar), Egypt’s single heaviest piece of rock weighing in at a mind-blowing 1168 tonnes, and learn how the ancients cut this mighty monument. You’ll also have the chance to visit the impressive High Dam, the country’s powerhouse for both irrigation and electricity.

Later, you’ll hop on board a white-sailed felucca, a truly local experience. See the locals swimming, fishing & going about their day as you drift past. It’s a truly memorable way to see this unique part of the world & it’s the perfect way to relax, soak up some rays & chill.

Afterward, it’s a chance for a bit of luxury as we board our cruise boat, where you can settle into your cabin and enjoy lunch onboard.

This afternoon get a feel for a bit of the local lifestyle. Slowly rummage through the Aswan souk (market), full of fragrant spices, amulets, textiles and souvenirs. Try some hibiscus tea or snack on tahini (sesame dip) and daoud basha (meatballs in tomato sauce).

Tonight, get together with some of your travel buddies and unwind with a drink at the boat’s bar.

Cruise ship Lunch,Breakfast,Dinner

  • Local villages, ancient sites & stunning scenery - see them all on your relaxing three-night cruise down the Nile
  • Visit the Unfinished Obelisk & High Dam
    USD $23.00
5 Nile Cruise - Aswan to Edfu

Kick the morning off with an optional excursion to Abu Simbel, another stunning UNESCO World Heritage site. Fly over the vast desert and one of the world’s biggest man-made lakes, Lake Nasser. Let your jaw-drop as you gape at this overwhelming structure and get the real story on Ramses II from our expert Local Guide.

This afternoon, relax on the cruise while floating down the palm-lined Nile River, past timeless monuments, green fields and the Arabian desert. The boat has even got a pool. So pull up a lounge chair, soak up some sun and write a few post-cards.

Next up is Kom Ombo, once a busy trading point for gold and elephants. See the town’s unique riverside temple, famous for being perfectly symmetrical and for being shared by two gods.

Tonight we dock in Edfu.

Cruise ship Lunch,Breakfast,Dinner

  • Sit back & chill as you drift down the Nile on a traditional felucca sailing boat
  • View Kom Ombo, the Temple of Two Gods
    USD $11.00
  • Visit Abu Simbel's Temple of Ramses II
    US $273.00
6 Nile Cruise - Edfu to Luxor

If you’re feeling up for it, there’s your chance to visit Egypt’s second largest & best-preserved temple, the Temple of Horus the Avenger. Here you can learn about the gods’ history of hostilities, how offerings were made to them and the overall importance of this fascinating Greco-Roman temple.

Cast off and watch Upper Egypt slip away as we cruise to our next port of call, majestic Luxor – site of the ancient city of Thebes.

On arrival, you’ll head up the stunning Avenue of Sphinxes for a guided look at this spectacular monument. As one of the most important archaeological & religious paths in Luxor, it’s a must-see whilst you’re here. The avenue once connected the Temple of Luxor & the Temple of Karnak - in ancient times, it was believed that this avenue, over 1.5km long, featured around 2000 spectacular Egyptian sphinxes.

Cruise ship Lunch,Breakfast,Dinner

  • Visit the Temple of Horus
    USD $20.00
7 Luxor to Hurghada

Be amazed by the sheer volume of famous monuments around Luxor, often referred to as ‘the world’s greatest open-air museum’ it’s all about indulging in a cultural feast today.

Across the Nile for a closer look at the Colossos of Memnon, the large scale remains of a once massive temple. Towering above the landscape at 18m high, these gigantic stone statues will make your jaw drop.

After a visit to the Temple of Hatshepsut it’s time to experience the afterlife and the city of the dead with our included tour of the Valley of the Kings. This spectacular site is where Tutankhamen is buried and where you’ll visit some of the 63 royal tombs - you’ll get a real insiders look & some essential knowledge that only a local can give, on a guided tour with our Egyptian expert.

There’s also the option to work your way through the stunning Temple of Karnak – an enormous 2 sq km site crammed full of remains, obelisks and sanctuaries, including the world’s largest religious structure, the Temple of Amun. Our Local Guide takes the group through the monumental timeline, which almost every Pharaoh added to during his reign.

Later, we’ll say farewell to Luxor & before heading to beachside Hurghada for some chill out time in the sun. Maybe do some shopping, sun seek at the beach & top up your tan or get into some watersports. Tonight, ask your Tour Manager for some tips on where’s good to head to & get into the city’s many bars, restaurants & cool nightlife.

Hotel Breakfast

  • Guided tour through the Valley of Kings
  • See the the Colossos of Memnon
  • Visit a traditional Egyptian village
    US $20.00
  • Guided visit of the Temple of Karnak
    USD $37.00
8 Hurghada to Cairo

Say farewell to the beach today as we head back to the buzzing capital, Cairo.

On arrival, make the most of your last night in Egypt -- get into some shopping if you feel like something different & dive right into the heart of old Cairo – you could visit to the ancient Khan El Khalili bazaar for a truly local experience. Maybe find somewhere for some mouth-watering mezzes (plate sized nibbles), Egyptian bread and hummus dip or sip on some shai (tea).

Top off your trip with an optional Sound and Light Show and enjoy a final look at the amazing pyramids all lit up.

Make the most of your last night and head out with the group into Cairo’s buzzing nightlife. As the sun goes down, people pack the streets, drink coffee and head to their favourite local bars, so get out there among them for a last slice of Egypt.

Hotel Breakfast,Dinner

  • Sound and Light Show
    US $32.00
9 Depart Cairo

The tour ends after breakfast and it’s time to say farewell to your new friends.


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  • 3 World Heritage Sites visited
  • From pharaohs to mummies - locally guided tours of the Egyptian Museum & the Pyramids of Giza
  • Local villages, ancient sites & stunning scenery - see them all on your relaxing three-night cruise down the Nile
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  • Group Photo
  • Visit the Unfinished Obelisk & High Dam
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