Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)

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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)
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Mediterranean Highlights (start Madrid)

02 Aug 2014 - 14 Aug 2014

Madrid is the best place to start this trip, as you get the long travel days over with at the beginning of the tour. Madrid is interesting, but Barcelona is were you want to be. If I had a choice, I would have 2 days in Barcelona and not just one - there is so much to see and do! The tour manager was smart and encouraged us to go out on our last night in Madrid. Smart, because we slept most of the long journey from Madrid to Barcelona. She was smart again when she hooked us up with a wild night out in Barcelona, after which we slept all the way to Avignon - another long travel day. I personally didn't like France very much. Nice is very touristic, and personally, I found it boring as I am not into lying on the beach all day. The perfumery is another place I was bored at - I'm just a tomboy like that. The French countryside - Avignon and Aix-en-provence - are worth the visit. It's the only place where I found semi-friendly French people. The time spent in Monaco was just enough - we had a supper there. Unless you're secretly a millionaire, Monaco is good to just pass through. Italy, oh Italy! The food and gelato are something to immigrate for! Never have I eaten such fantastic food! Pisa was alright, it's only the tower you stop to see anyways, and Florence was also alright. I wouldn't have spent as much time there as I found entrance to the museums and other interesting things a bit pricey. But need at least 3-4 days here. The city is massive and there is history around every corner! Will definitely be going back to Rome...and Barcelona!

Review written Aug 2014

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