Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)

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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)
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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid) - August 2012

04 Aug 2012 - 16 Aug 2012

This tour was absolutely amazing - I can not recommend it enough! It is fast paced, yet not exhausting. The free days in Nice & Florence are well timed to give you a break from activities and the group (if needed). We saw so much more than I expected, simply due to the little day stops during bus trips; they may have only been an hour or so but it was enough time to browse these little local towns. I did all of the optionals, they were too good value to pass up, and made for a lot of fun. Our Tour Manager (Mathieu) was undescribable; his organisation, respect for us & his overall passion for the tour was insane, I only hope if you're reading this you will be lucky enough to select one of his trips. I know I've made some life long friends from this tour, and can only hope that if I do another Contiki it is able to live up to this one!! Enjoy : )

Review written Aug 2012

My Contiki was: Mind Blowing, Entertaining, Once In A Life Time

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