Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)

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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)
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21 Sep 2012 - 04 Oct 2012

I did this tour with two of my friends in September. It was the best time EVER!! our tour manager (Yannick) was so awesome! we got to see a lot of things, like the coliseum, st. peters square, the grand casino in Mocano and so many beautiful views! they take you to the best restaurants and the BEST CLUBS!! with bottle service and VIP! :) JUST AMAZING!! Nice, France was my absolute favorite! Our group were all really fun and outgoing too - be ready to party and have early mornings the next day.. if you're looking for a relaxing vacation this is not for you!! prepare to spend a lot, the shopping was so good! I cannot wait to plan another contiki tour very soon!! :)

Review written Nov 2012

My Contiki was: amazing, breathtaking , fun

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