Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)

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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)
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A Blast from Rome to Madrid

26 Jun 2011 - 09 Jul 2011

I went on this trip, my first to Europe ever, with my wife of 1 year. Neither of us had been to Europe, and we liked the idea of traveling with others our age on a set itinerary of cities/countries we wanted to visit. We were very happy with the results. We saw all the big highlights of each city along the way, from Rome to Florence to Pisa to Nice to Avignon to Barcelona to Madrid. Being in a group with people about our age made it more fun too, as we had a gropu to enjoy seeing the sights with and going out for dinner and afterwards with. But we were still able to have time alone when we chose to also. We would definitely go on another Contiki Tour.

Review written Sep 2011

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