Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)

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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)
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Unbelievable Experience

10 Jul 2011 - 23 Jul 2011

This trip was absolutely amazing. The people and friendships that I made on the tour were ones that will last a lifetime. EVERYTHING from the beginning of the trip to the end was well organized and put together. We had the BEST tour guide, ANGIE!!!!!! who was a true expert at her job, friendly, well organized and an overall fun person to have as a tour guide. I was sooo impressed by Contiki and would absolutely travel on another tour. The best part of the trip was the friendships with people that I made from around the world and the memories that we made together. The trip was great, it gave a true :"highlight" of all the countries and cities so that you could after the trip, decide on what ones you liked the best and would come back to. Everything that was promised was delivered. From the plane to the transportation to the hotels. Contiki is very organized and it felt good being able to go to countries that you have never been before and not having to worry about trying to figure things out. This vacation is one that I will never forget and am VERY happy having booked with Contiki for my first time out of the US into other countries all the way around the world. Cant wait to book my next trip! Thailand 2012!

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Life changing, Well Organized, Unbelievable

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