Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)

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13 days

Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome) » Review by Justin

Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)
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Amazing Experience

30 Jun 2014 - 12 Jul 2014

Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome) is a 13 day trip through Italy, Vatican City, France, Monaco, and Spain.

What is great about this tour is that you get to see so much in just 2 weeks! It really is a mind opening experience to be able to actually see places you've read/studied about in school.

What made this trip a success was our wonderful tour manager Maite and the awesome bunch of fellow contiki tour members. Maite provided us with alot of useful information and tips about the local areas including maps, trains, and buses to take if we wanted to explore during our free time.

A few things that makes contiki great is the free time to go explore on your own and the Me Time Optionals. The Me Time Optionals unfortunately are additional expenses on top of the tour you paid for, however the experience from it was worth it!

The highlight of this trip was probably San Gigmignano, Tuscany, Italy. The most amazing and beautiful view you will see of the Italian country side! If you go on this trip, climb the darn tower and see the view!

I traveled solo and was a little curious as to how that would work out. I ended up making awesome friends!

Tip: Travel with an open mind, be courteous to other fellow tour members, and don't be late, then your trip will be amazing :)

Review written Jul 2014

My Contiki was: Mind-blowing, Awesome, Fun

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