Spanish Spree

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14 days

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Spanish Spree
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total let down

21 Jul 2013 - 04 Aug 2013

This tour had AMAZING potential. the cities were beautiful and the other members of the tour were really what saved it. Our tour manager was literally the worst I had ever heard of, and I sincerely hope he no longer works for Contiki. I was on this tour from July 21 to August 4 2013, and it was the last part of my 10 week holiday. I had previously been on two other Contikis, which were 10/10 amazing, so ending my trip with this complete dud of a tour was even more disappointing after having such great experiences in the past. Our tour manager, Emmo, was better suited for tour groups aged 65+. He completely discouraged any sort of fun-having, right down to refusing to let us have a Day Song. If you have been on a contiki before, you know that a Day Song is what is played in the coach every morning, plays at the bars you go to, and is overall just the "theme song" of the tour. Having done two contikis before, my self and the girl i was travelling with already had ideas of what we could suggest to be our day song. after sitting through a 2 hour (literally two hours, could have even been more) lecture that was 100% unnecessary, we boarded the coach, only to be shouted at for the slightest muttering about a day song. Our fun-sucking tour manager would not allow a day song and refused any of our protests, as though he wasn't the one we were paying to show us a good time. after two days of arguing with him, we finally got our song. after that, each day was filled with Emmo lecturing us for entire 9 hour drives, not letting us sleep on the coach as we had wanted, him leaving us in a random spanish town, giving us nothing but shotty directions on how to WALK back to the hotel. now this was the real kicker, because my previous tour managers had never left us to our own devices, as they were the ones who were supposed to be the experts. we all ended up getting lost for 2 hours walking around, terrified, constantly asking locals for directions. we were all so upset and scared and it honestly ruined the tour for us. in summary, i would recommend this tour only if Emmo is no longer the tour manager, for that matter, i would recommend not doing any tour that he is working on, if he still works for Contiki.

Review written Feb 2014

My Contiki was: terrible tour manager, worst tour manager, bad tour manager

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