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Spanish Spree
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I've been home for over a year and I still miss it.

23 Sep 2012 - 07 Oct 2012

Where do I even begin.

The thing I like best about Contiki is that, when you go to a new country, you THINK you know what to expect. And then you get there, and you are exposed to places you never thought you'd see! I loved traveling by bus because you really got to see the beautiful landscapes of Spain. It takes you away from any stereotypes you have set up in your head (i.e. google images of Madrid, bull fighting, paella) and throws you out of your comfort zone. On our way to Bilbao, there were some landscapes that reminded me of Ireland. On our way through Granada, I felt like I was in Morocco! This country is so diverse and rich with culture.

Our tour manager, Jason, was PHENOMENAL. Seriously. There wasn't a single question that stumped him. I will never forget walking through the gothic quarters on a warm evening in Barcelona while he told us about the history of the city, including myths & legends. I learned SO much from him. He was also very good at showing us where to find all the touristy places that he knew we'd want to see at least once, and then encouraging us to go where the locals go. He knew which bars to go to for a more posh kind of vibe. He knew which bars to go to for dirt cheap liquor, good music, and crazy people.

As for accommodation, our hotels were always clean and in great locations - which is reaaally important when you're cabbing home later on! I wouldn't change a thing.

Ibiza... I honestly can't tell you much about because I don't remember much and that's the way to go, my friend. Partying will NEVER be the same for you.

Aside from all the attractions and nights out, I would also like to add that you get a lot of free time to explore the city yourself. You're informed of what time the bus is leaving and where the bus is leaving from. Usually, we'd have hours to just relax and do whatever

Overall, I'd say this tour is the perfect balance of culture, INSANE partying, and adventure. I've made life long friendships and this will definitely not be my last Contiki tour!

Review written Apr 2014

My Contiki was: life-changing, exhilarating, incredible

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