Spanish Spree (Winter)

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Spanish Spree (Winter)
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07 Jan 2013 - 20 Jan 2013

I wanted to go aroud Spain because I am learning to speak español and I figured it would help to be completely immersed in the culture for a fortnight. I would have to say, it is tricky to get around Spain (especially the smaller cities) if you don't speak some español. People are very helpful around Spain but most of the locals I talked to do not speak English (apart from university aged guys).

The tour I was on was fantastic because we had a versatile and ... sensible group of people. Spain on its own (apart from Madrid, San Sebastian, and Barcelona), is kinda boring, especially in the Winter. If you don't like drinking (bars and clubs are awesome) or looking at a few landmarks and cathedrals; I would not recommend this tour. You would be better off in a tour that visited a few European countries than just Spain. But then again, for the time and distance covered, as well as the quality hotels... this is a good value for money tour.

There is a lot of time on the coach and a lot of one night hotel stays which got annoying. Despite this, I had a blast. Great mates in the group and fantastic crew. Just... rethink whether you want Spain in the Winter. Not so interesting.

Review written Jan 2013

My Contiki was: value, drinking, gets old quick

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