Ultimate European plus Greek Islands

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46 days

Ultimate European plus Greek Islands » Review by Maggie "DC"

Ultimate European plus Greek Islands
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Tour Review

10 Jun 2011 - 26 Jul 2011

I had no idea what I was in for with my first Contiki and the UE tour. This trip was absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing in the best ways imagineable and more ways than I would have ever thought possible. I undoubtedly had THE best summer of my 21 years of life and was not expecting it at all. First of all, our tour manager, Roxy, was outstanding. She knew her stuff and was part of the group herself, integrated herself as one of us and ran our group as a team leader but made sure we had fun and stayed on our level and didn't make it seem like she was just a chaperone, she was hilarious and ALWAYS had an amazing time. Laszlo our driver was fabulous too, always a trip (no pun intended:)) and obsessed with keeping the coach tidy always. The Ostems at the Contiki sites were fab, and the sites themselves, all over the continent were amazing, omg words cannot describe the amazing time I had, and the bonds I developed with these friends I met over the 47 days I was with them, I felt like I had known them forever and developed closer friendships with them than I have with people I have known back at home for years. By the end of the seven weeks I came back home to the United States with the intent to turn right back around and get back out and travel, something I hadn't really had the intention to do before. I had been out of the country before but this time, I thought I was just going on a long holiday for the summer, but this UE trip really opened my eyes to what a huge world is waiting out there for me and how much there is to see NOW--definitely put my priorities in reorder--I've been home about a month and a half and have since reopened my savings account and have booked my next two trips and am just saving up and planning for the next few more and have so much bigger goals in life now and am just overall happier in life, never thought just a summer holiday in Europe would change my life so drastically. Long story short, THANK YOU Contiki, I will be seeing you on my next tour for Spring Break in Bay of Islands in New Zealand come March 2012, and in the meantime can't wait to catch up with some of my UE buddies this Christmas back in Europe over the holidays!!;D Much much love, Maggie 'DC' xoxoxo

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Amazing, Memorable, Life-changing

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