Ultimate European plus Greek Islands

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Ultimate European plus Greek Islands
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The best experience of my life

26 May 2013 - 09 Jul 2013

Wow where do I start! This tour was incredible & we all became 1 big happy family including our tour manager & bus driver! The sights we seen, the things we done & the people we met were amazing, awesome, no words can describe how good it actually was!

My favourite part of the tour was getting to see snow for the first in the Swiss Alps & learning how to snow board. Another highlight was Budapest, that city surprised me sooo much. It's cheap & looks incredible! They call it "The Paris of Eastern Europe" & I can see why. It's a beautiful city with sooo much to see & do & the nightlife is awesome!! As a bonus we were staying in an awesome hostel right in the middle of the action!!

The accommodation in all the places were good we had a couple of dodgy joints but by dodgy I mean no shower curtain or no remote for the air con but honestly we were there 1 night so it didn't make a difference & it makes the experience that much better as we all had a laugh about it.

The contiki stops & teams were awesome! They were some of the best meals I had on tour & you certainly don't go hungry.

I recommend you do all the optionals as they were awesome & you got value for money! I don't regret doing any & experiencing it with your new family makes it that much better!

This trip was definitely a massive eye opener to me as in what's out there in the big wide world & I'm currently planning my next big trip which includes 3 Contikis.
So if you are thinking about booking this tour do it! 45 days was not long enough & we all wanted to do the tour again & not leave each other. It was a sad day leaving the family but if I had the option I would do this tour again in a heart beat!

Review written Jul 2013

My Contiki was: Incredible, Amazing, Breath taking

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