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Vienna & Budapest
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Nothing short of amazing

06 Jun 2014 - 10 Jun 2014

This contiki was definitely worth every cent. You do so much and it pays for hotels, travel, some tour guides and museums, breakfast and dinner some/most days, and you do things you never normally would.

I never would've gone to Schonbrunn Palace and watched a classical concert in vienna, or gone to this awesome amusement park just outside Vienna. I never would have gotten a local tour guide across Budapest, especially with all people around my age, and I never would have gone inside the Hungarian Parliament building and saw the President.

And that wasn't really it. It was the people, the relationships you form with the travellers on the Contiki, including the tour operator and coach driver.

I'd reccomend it to anyone who wanted a quick, cheap getaway.

Review written Jun 2014

My Contiki was: unforgettable, exciting, picturesque

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