Winter Wanderer

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25 days

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Winter Wanderer

Winter Wanderer - 2012

19 Jan 2012 - 13 Feb 2012

The trip was awesome! We did a ton of things and were able to see alot in a short time. I had a great crew of 48 people as well as an awesome tour manager (Lee) and phenominal driver (Liz).

One rule of caution - most of the travelers on these trips are pretty young (18-23) and myself being 28, was annoyed at times with my trip mates. Although everyone was really great, the age difference can get to you. If you are cool with being around young people all the time, there are no issues but if you hang out with a crowd over 27-28 most of the time, it could take some getting used to.

Review written Feb 2012

My Contiki was: fast paced, exciting, fun

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