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Winter Wanderer
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Winter Wanderer 2012 January 10th

10 Jan 2012 - 02 Feb 2012

This was the best time! People were amazing, sights were amazing, weather was amazing (pure, dumb luck)... amazing! I have no other words.
The accommodation was better than i expected - mostly little hotel rooms but were all very comfortable and clean.
Bus driver was incredible.. one of the most talented drivers ive ever been witness to! got us through some very tight spots, and also spoke up and gave us hints on where to go in cities for some extra fun. also stopped off at a few towns that weren't on schedule, all his idea! awesome guy!
Tour manager was really cool, very good at his job! helped us out a lot with local customs and language issues - can be surprising what you don't know! also on free days/nights he would help us decide what we could do, or he would make a few calls and organise a restaurant/bar/club at night for some fun. was always prepared for everything. Altogether the crew was so so cool, couldn't have asked for any more!
Favourite cities were those which involved historical tours - Florence, Rome, Berlin... Even if history isn't your thing, there is so much to do! Stopped in Dresden for a while too (bus driver's suggestion - awesome!) and it was gorgeous!
Even the 'dreaded' long bus rides were fun - morning debriefs and discussion about the previous and next cities, chilling with your new mates, relaxing with some breathtaking scenery.. not really dreaded at all!
Would definitely recommend this trip! see everything, decent time in each city, don't have to really think or plan anything.. just jump on the bus and go where the wheels take you! this is the most 'holiday-esque' tour i think contiki does - so relaxed and easy going pace.

Review written Mar 2012

My Contiki was: Incredible, Fun, Scenic

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