Winter Wanderer

Tour Length
25 days

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Winter Wanderer
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Winter Wanderer 2012

19 Oct 2012 - 11 Nov 2012

This tour is fantastic if you have a short amount of time to see the highlights of europe! There were 53 of us on the first tour of the season, mostly aussies! Matt was group leader and Ana was our bus driver, both GREAT at what they do! Obviously 24 days isnt alot of time to take in 12 different countries and there were more than a few early mornings & travel days. That being said when we did arrive at a new destination we sure as hell made the most of our time. Mostly everyone joined in the optional extras which were around $600 on top of the tour. Thanks again to Matt, Ana & everyone who made my trip unforgettable. You will not regret this tour!

Review written Jun 2013

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