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Winter Wanderer
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Winter Wanderer 2010

23 Oct 2010 - 15 Nov 2010

An amazing tour!! I really feel like I got to see a great deal of what Europe has to offer because of the range of countries that this trip visits! And because it is the off season, there were no long queues or packed streets. Our Tour Manager was great, he knew so much about all the places we visited and our driver was awesome at getting around all the tricky little European roads. The accommodation was a lot better than I expected, especially the pyramid hotel in Vienna though to be honest I really didn't spend alot of time in the rooms anyway as there was always something to do or somewhere to see!! I did all of the optional extras and didn't regret doing any of them!! Some of the highlights of the trip would be: Climbing up the Eiffel Tower at night time for the awesome view, Feeling like being on the top of the world in the Swiss Alps, eating snails and creme brulee in Lyon, the nightlife and cheap cheap sangria in Barcelona!!, seeing the beautiful inside of the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo, pretending to hold up the leaning tower, the yummy pasta in Rome, getting lost in Venice several times :P, seeing the Schonbunn Castle in Vienna, drinking too many steins of beautiful German beer in Munich (by the way, I usually NEVER drink beer), wandering through the beautiful old streets of Prague, checking out the East Side Gallery in Berlin and the diversity of Amsterdam along with the mouth watering croquets and Poffitjes!!!!!! So hard to pick one favourite place out of everywhere you get to go!!!! :D

Review written Nov 2011

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