Winter Wanderer

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25 days

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Winter Wanderer
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Winter Wanderer 27th Dec-19th Jan 2012

27 Dec 2011 - 19 Jan 2012

The bus is your new home- make the most of it! This is where you will recap all your crazy nights and amazing sights you have seen with all your new best friends. Contiki almost forces you to live outside the normal parameters of your old life. You will make friends with so many people, share intimate details of your life after knowing them for a few days and rely on them as if they are your family. It's such a great experience but makes saying goodbye SO HARD at the end.
The Winter Wanderer is the best of the best, (as far as I am concerned!) I mean, 11 countries in 24 days is a pretty good effort!
Be prepared for go, go, go! There is no time for sleep ins, or lazy days. Make every day count. See everything, do ALL the optional extras. Go home not only broke, but owing people money. Put weight on in Italy, climb the Spanish Steps, go to Mauthausen Concentration Camp (it's devastatingly sad, but so important to experience), make a wish at Trevi Fountain, ride the gondola in Venice, see the Berlin Wall, go to the Moulin Rouge, have a snowball fight in Switzerland- seriously- DO EVERYTHING.
You may come back to Europe one day, but you don't want to get home and have any regrets.
We had an amazing crew- Filippo as our tour manager was outstanding. He went out of his way to ensure we all had the best possible experience, and Gustavo our bus driver was the coolest guy I have ever met- exceptional driving skills!
Best moments are too hard to pick between. The Prague pub crawl is the most fun I have ever had in one night. Being on stage for the sex show in Amsterdam was an experience I will never forget (I also wont look at bananas the same again), and the Tuscan dinner was one of my all time favourite highlights of the trip.
Finally, would I recommend it? I wish it was compulsory for every person in the world to have this experience. It was quite literally, the most amazing time of my life and I only hope my next contiki is as good as the Winter Wanderer was.

Review written Jan 2012

My Contiki was: AMAZING Tour Manager, Value for money, New best friends for life

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