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London Explorer (2 nights)
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My very own Jubilee!

08 Jul 2012 - 10 Jul 2012

What a time to go to London! The Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee! Lots of great things in town!
Hotel Accomadation-Royal National, ok room, staff were very unfriendly, unhelpful and incompetent. The first employee I talked to couldn't even tell me where the elevator to go upstairs was. Wi fi is only available in main lobby and then it is pretty sketchy. Good location though.
Included Items
Hop On Hop off tour- Excellent! Pick up is right by the hotel and it takes you everywhere you could want to go with free informaiton while you're going there. Included boat trip down the Thames to the tower was awesome! (Tip, the cruise actually stops at the eye, so you can do the eye and get on the cruise instead of going back across the river.) This tour also includes your chocie fo three walking tours. The changing of the guard is free to the public so skip this tour and do it on your own. the Jack the Ripper tour is only during the middle of the day so it can kill your schedule. THe other one available is a Rock and roll history tour. We didn't do this part so can't say how they are.
West End Show- I love musicals and this is a great opportunity, but you get what you pay for and the seats are terrible. The agent told us since we came in early we got their best seats for this deal and we were so high up we could'nt even see the stage and the seats were so tiny my legs began cramping.
If you buy eye and Tower of London tickets with Contiki you get to go into the group admission lines which is quicker so that is nice. The eye akes for great views but is very crowded and can take a long time to get on. the tower is a very large castle. Skip the torture exhibit. It's three signs and displays and takes 20 minutes in line and 5 minutes inside.
Everything is walkable so take your bus down towards one of the parks and enjoy the experience of walking around a corner and seeing the landmarks come into view. For instance pick up your show tickets and make the short walk down to Trafalgar square to see Nelson come into view and then see Big Ben come into view. Wonderful time!
Most of the museums are free and the British Museum (huge) is just down from the hotel.
The complimentary tube pass is a life saver!
If you are doing this at the end of a tour like we did (Vista) you don't get back in until late so that first day is all travel and then whatever night life you can take in.
Overall a great experience!

Review written Jul 2012

My Contiki was: Walkable, Jam Packed , Adventure

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