Oktoberfest - 5 Days Camping (Start/End London)

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5 days

Oktoberfest - 5 Days Camping (Start/End London) » Review by Aussie Lo

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Oktoberfest - 5 Days Camping (Start/End London)
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Oktoberfest Munich - 5 days

22 Sep 2011 - 26 Sep 2011

Was an awesome trip! Travelling on the bus from London was long & horrible (especially on the way home) lol.. make sure you take a travel pillow. Lots of Ozzies on our tour. We didn't do any of the optional extras as wanted to spend all our time at the festival. Tents were fine, though it got really cold of a night.

The beer tents fill up quickly though this is a great way to join random tables and meet new people!! Make sure you do buy costumes because you will feel left out when everyone else is dressed up! We had a wheres wally day and that was great fun!

I know people from our trip that went again this year and didn't have as much fun as we did last yr. I think its a destination that you go to once.. have the time of your life and thats it :)

Review written Oct 2012

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