European Magic (Winter) 2016

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10 days

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European Magic (Winter) 2016
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Tour Review

17 Mar 2011 - 27 Mar 2011

This trip was incredible. The best vacation I've ever taken! It is incredibly fast paced though! Most days, when you get to the hotel, you only have 30-45min to shower and change before its time to go to dinner, or get on the bus to go into the city, etc. People stay out late almost every night and the bus leaves early almost everyday so make sure you have plenty of time to rest before and after this trip! It was incredible how much sight-seeing, culture experiencing, and just fun things we could squeeze into 11 days. The people were amazing! It seemed like everyone in the group was outgoing and friendly and talkative. It was really easy to find someone to do whatever you felt like doing in the city or at night. The tour guides had great suggestions and advice. They kept the bus rides from being too long with games and rest stops. It was very well organized. I don't have a single complaint!!

Review written May 2011

My Contiki was: Party, Fast-paced, Exciting

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