European Magic (Winter) 2016

Tour Length
10 days

European Magic (Winter) 2016 » Review by Hayden

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European Magic (Winter) 2016

Not for the faint hearted!

14 Jan 2012 - 22 Jan 2012

This tour is amazing and heavy going at the same time! You spend a lot of days just sitting on the bus, but as with everything, you make it as good as you want it to be! You make awesome friends and just get to hang out with them for 9 days which is just cool by itself, as well as getting to see a lot of Europe! A great your for a party animal, not so much for relaxing and wanting to take it easy. You see a lot in very little time, with a lot of information to take in! I would however definitely recommend this tour it was fantastic, if i was rich i would do it again for sure!

Review written Feb 2012

My Contiki was: Fast paced, Party, TIRED....

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