Spotlight on Greece plus 7 day Greek Island Cruise

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Spotlight on Greece plus 7 day Greek Island Cruise » Review by Marilou

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Spotlight on Greece plus 7 day Greek Island Cruise
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The best way to see the Best of Greece

04 Sep 2011 - 16 Sep 2011

This was my first Contiki. I went in September 2011, first time overseas. It was dream come true.

The 4 days of the Spotlight on Greece were absolutely magical. Very fast paced, you're up early and you cover a lot of ground, but its worth it, if you want to see it all. You do spend some time on the bus, but you make so many stops and then you get to enjoy the sceneries and your new friends, time flies by.

As for the cruise, unfortunately, I wasn't aware thats where the group broke up. There were different options. But as for the cruise itself, it was great. The food, installation and entertainment were awesome.

I was a bit disapointed in the TM and the whole "Contiki" experience, as you were pretty much set loose on your own once aboard. Except for the official excursions on the Islands, there wasn't anything organized as a group. But no matter, it was still a lifetime experience, its Greece after all, who can say they had a bad time there? I have been on another Contiki since and plan on many more, I just think thta maybe cruises can be booked on their own, not necessarily through contiki.

Review written Sep 2012

My Contiki was: Life-Changing, Breathtaking, Amazing

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