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Russia Plus (Start Stockholm)
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Expect the unexpected

25 Aug 2011 - 08 Sep 2011

Overall, the trip was great. The only flaws are that Contiki rushes through things where we would have liked more time in Russia. There needs to be more free time and less 'hand holding' on Contiki's end of designing the trip. We booked the tour to experience real Russia by exploring on our own. The hotels and food were better than expected for every stopping point. Bus rides can be a bit long and make sure you bring lots of medications. Too many people didn't take care from their own health and passed it along to everyone on the bus. This was the biggest downfall to the tour in that several people had no hygeine and passed their disease to everyone on the bus. Had I been better prepared with medications I may not have become so ill. We plan on returning to Moscow, but independently to see more of the city the tour did not have time for. Overall, very safe, reasonable costs in Russia, and an enjoyable experience for the first time.

Review written Sep 2011

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