Simply Italy (Winter) 2016

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Simply Italy (Winter) 2016
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Simply the Best!

07 Nov 2011 - 18 Nov 2011

The length of this tour allows everyone in the group to get to know each other and really develop some amazing friendships. Our close knit group came from all different parts of Australia to catch up last year and we were just as close then as we were on tour. This was all helped by our amazing tour manager Katia, our Contiki Mama.
We got off to a slow start as we took a taxi to the wrong hotel, as the one we were supposed to be staying at shut down and the information we were given was not totally clear. Luckily we met others there in the same situation and shared a taxi to the right hotel. Rome was beautiful but busy. Sorrento was beautiful and relaxing although our trip to Capri was very foggy, rainy and most things were shut because it was Autumn heading into Winter.
I did all the tour optionals and they were all fabulous, especially the ones that were dinners. The food was amazing! Best spaghetti I have ever had in Florence. I loved this city as it had such a beautiful feel about it and was not as 'in your face' as the other cities. Venice was spectacular, the glass demonstration is a must see! We stayed on the main land and travelled by train and boat which was fine. The hotel here was so spacious and nice it was amazing to get back to and relax. In my opinion Milan was overrated and too busy to enjoy, so many people shoving things in your face and nothing really amazing to see except for the Cathedral, I would recommend exploring this rather than shopping if you don't like crowds.
Our trip to Cinque Terre was disrupted due to mudslides but we still enjoyed Portovenere, very glamorous. Back to Rome where we went to the Vatican and Trevi fountain at night, so gorgeous and amazing. And finally our farewell dinner where we danced and sang, Katia gave an emotional speech. It was beautiful.
This contiki had a much different feeling to my first one, more mature but still just as fun. I think this is why the friendships I made on this tour are still so strong today, there is only one downside... Missing them all!

Review written Feb 2013

My Contiki was: Authenic, Breathtaking, Emotional

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