Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise

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13 days

Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise » Review by kaitlin

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Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise

Med Trail

03 Jul 2013 - 15 Jul 2013

I recently did this tour by myself and loved it.
The group was great- mostly aussies, a few americans etc.
It was a great balance of sight seeing and relaxation.

I loved the 3 day cruise, the ship was great! all you eat, pool, gym, casino, nightclub etc.
I wish there was more time spent on the greek islands, once you got off the ship you only had about 4 hours before you had to be back on. So i would suggest if you want to spend longer to do a different tour or stay on longer after the tour finishes.

I had heard alot about "Georges Boat" but unfortunately for us, that had been taken out of our tour, so that was dissapointing.

We had a great tour guide for the first half (Matt) and another great tour guide (Daria) for the cruise.

I did all of the optional extras, and was glad I did.

I was happy with the accomodation we had- nice clean rooms and pretty good bathrooms.

The optional dinners i thought werent value for money, but was great to spend time with the tour.

The Capri excursion, is a must!

Review written Jul 2013

My Contiki was: relaxation, food, sun

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