Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise

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Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise » Review by Ryan

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Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise
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24 May 2011 - 06 Jun 2011

OK, too much too tell in a small review, but I'll highlight a few take things. My trip was a huge party. I think I took off one or two nights and that was it. Also there are a lot of EARLY mornings. Be prepared not to sleep much. Going to bed at 2 or 3am and waking up at 7am was not unusual. In fact 7am would be a good day. I doubt I got more than 5 hours a night, I was pretty tired at the end. Vacation from vacation and all that. Accommodations varied, some where very nice, and some were (pardon) shit holes. I would say on the whole most were nice though. Europe is smaller everything however. I did most of the optional (some are mutually exclusive) excursions, which means two things, less free time, and more early mornings. Most were well worth it however, I would say do as many as you can. Think about it before hand, as they basically spring your decision (and payment) on the first day! Quickly discuss it with group to try and maximize involvement. Crew was awesome (thx Malen!), she tried to keep everything running smoothly, get everyone involved, and generally make sure everyone has a good time (and most importantly she didn't leave me in Italy when I overslept in Sorrento). Transport was good, though we did have a bus break down, though as mentioned, those early wake up calls for early bus transport was killer. A ferry is a ferry is a ferry, nothing special there. Cruise ship was great, and though the rooms were small, you won't mind a bit since you get real plumbing after going through Greece. Everyone on the trip was great, though everyone sort of split into little groups after awhile. Not all groups are the same I've been told, but ours was pretty young 21-23 and female. About the only regret I had was not doing this about 10 years ago, as I am a 34 year old male, so every now and again I weirded myself out a bit but you get over it. I can't express how good everyone was, from my room mate Sam who I got along with great, to all the crazy Auzzie guys, and of course all the girls (Our group was mostly Canada/USA/Auzzie with a pinch of Japan and South Africa). Too many best moments to list, but I would recommend renting cars/vans on Corfu and getting fucking lost, as that was a lot of fun (seriously). I would definitely recommend it as a tour particularly if your are in your early twenties and a guy. I ate a lot of gyros and drank a lot of mythos in Greece. I packed too much stuff, bring more basic stuff. I booked a day at the beginning and one at the end extra for myself which worked well with traveling, though I probably didn't need the extra day at the end. Jet lag kicked my ass at the start, might even be worth it to arrive two days early to try and beat that before the start. I also won (with Marlen our guides help) the potato dance.... I really dug Sorrento and Capri. I bought a personal sized Turkish rug and had it framed when I got home as a keepsake. I found most of the shops were pretty full of tourist crap (go figure I guess). I'm not sure the customs guy believed that all I cam back with was that and the shirt on my back... I spent most of my money (and it was a lot) on booze, food, optional excursions, and entertainment.

To summarize, lots of party, with a younger group, and be prepared to not sleep much. Totally a fun time.

Also as a word of advice... book a couple extra days off work for when you get back... to sleep!

Review written Nov 2011

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