Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise

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Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise » Review by AndreaMae

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Mediterranean Trail plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise
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Too many memories and friends made!

21 May 2014 - 02 Jun 2014

I arrived in Rome two days prior to the tour starting and must say four days in Rome is far too long. If you are going early, I suggest seeing Venice or Florence if you can (only need about a day from what I hear). Also, stay at a hostel and not the recommended hotels as you won't meet as many people and they are a bit expensive. The tours were okay, though I felt rushed through most and it was hard to understand the "local guides" as the places were packed and they have thick accents. Our group was AMAZING. Mostly Canadian and American which I thought was hilarious. I was nervous about being 26 and the "old" person, but the average age ended up around there anyway. Even the couples on the tour were a blast (or what we called the party starters!" Enzo our tour manager was great. A mix of helpful information, scheduling and comedy. The optionals are all worth it. Definitely overpriced but a great bonding experience and almost our whole group did them all in the 10 days. The Corfu village was amazing and George's Boat great (though there is no more skinny dipping because of someones mom complaining...) It was super sad to leave our group after the 10 days and I truly feel like I have 30 new friends!

The cruise was too quick. I wish I could have stayed on Santorini forever! Our tour manager was alright. By that point we were over paying for the overpriced optionals but almost were made to feel guilty that we didn't do them. We decided to find our own way around and it was much much cheaper than the optional we were offered. Get the all inclusive drink package ...totally worth it. Even if you don't drink that much, think a beer or two at dinner and two after, pays for itself! And water and soft drinks are included.

The only thing I wish I brought is cold and flu or sinus meds. Almost everyone on our trip was sick, myself the worst! I had advil and such, but bring some stronger stuff and take vitamin c before you come and sanitize those hands lots! The contiki cough is real!

Overall, an amazing trip with so many memories. And I recommend this for those who are first time travellers or those who are just lazy and don't want to plan their own trip. I personally will travel solo next to save money and see more, but these are definitely worth it if you can afford to. Don't be nervous, its a blast and you will feel like you are an expert traveller when you are done!

Review written Jun 2014

My Contiki was: Memorable, Fun, Relaxing!

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