Italian Espresso (Winter) 2016

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8 days

Italian Espresso (Winter) 2016 » Review by Rachcol

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Italian Espresso (Winter) 2016
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Tour Review

27 Nov 2010 - 04 Dec 2010

This tour was amazing. We were worried at first that we would skip by everything and not have enough time to properly look at things and also that it would be all about partying and drinking every night. This was not the case at all. We had a great time and saw things that we would not have seen on our own. Our group did go out to pubs and clubs (however this was optional and many chose not to on certain nights) but we were all also interested in Italy's history and paid attention to the tours and got the most out of the trip. Because there is only the one country in this tour, you can take your time and not alot of time if wasted on transport between places. Highly recommend this tour to everyone, especially for first time travellers and those travelling alone.

Review written Dec 2010

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